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Welcome to Nofei Moledet, the first and largest company in Israel that specializes in renting quality caravans for trips and recreation.

Imagine a family and experiential caravan trip that you have not yet experienced with family members, all under the conditions of luxury when Israeli nature envelops you every morning, changing colors and shades of your choice. You take the family, cut off the children from commercial entertainment and go out to nature with them and only with them in an intensive, exclusive and perfect experience in the nature of Israel.

As part of our rich and professional experience, we provide you with a complete envelope from the caravan adjustment, help in building the trip route, training in the caravan operation, and for those who need we also rent towing vehicles.

We are here to make you feel at home in nature

Frequently asked questions and answers

Question: Can any rental caravan be towed by any vehicle?
Answer: No, a Gilad trailer can be towed by small vehicles and other rental caravans can be towed by larger vehicles (vans, jeeps, minivans) with a total weight of 2,100-3,000 kg (check license vehicle).

Question: In my vehicle license, the towing capacity with a brake is 750 kg, but the vehicle is a large, strong vehicle.
Answer: Not sure, in March 2016, an update was made regarding the towing capacity of a very large group of vehicles! Vehicles previously limited to towing capacity of up to 750 kg were updated today for towing capacity before manufacturer's instructions.

Question: What is the total weight of trailers towed for rent? Are caravans for rent with brakes or without brakes?
Answer: All the trailers that are rented for rent in the country's landscapes are caravans with brakes. Gilad's caravan has a total weight of 750 kg. All the other rental cars have a total weight of 1,050-1360 kg.

Question: What does a person who wants to rent a caravan and does not have a towing hook in the car or does not have a suitable vehicle to tow?
Answer: There are 3 options:

The family car can be installed with a tow hook (cost of about 1,500 NIS including a license). This option is implemented in a garage that specializes in installing towing hooks. As part of the process, the garage also arranges the issue of updating the license with the Ministry of Transport.

Rent a caravan and rent a car with a towing hook from Nofei Moledet (Mitsubishi Aotlander or a parallel car with 7 driving places) at a cost of 420-490 NIS per day depending on the season The car is collected together with the rental caravan from the company's offices and also at the end of the vacation Returning them both to offices.

You can rent the Arbel motorhome.
The motorhome has 6 sleeping places and only 3 places on the road. What does a family with 4 or more people do?
A family of 4 or more people who want to travel with the motorhome for a trip should come with another vehicle and drive with 2 vehicles. This can be seen as a disadvantage but there are advantages to traveling with another vehicle.
You can get the caravan located in the car park or wherever you want to place the trailer, you have to consider that this option is at an additional cost of the caravan.

Question: Is it better to rent a static caravan or go for a walk in a caravan?
Answer: When we take a trip to a static caravan that is already located in the car park, the nature of the trip is similar to arriving at a hotel or a hotel when our room is the trailer. This option also gives us the experience with a caravan and is suitable for those who do not want to drag the trailer. When we go for a walk in the caravan we experience the real experience, plan a trip with family or friends, come to pick up the caravan and start driving to the parking lot. The next day we will move to another car park and we can stay in a number of caravans and places during the trip.

In the end, the location of the caravan in each car park, the trip around the country and the operation of the caravan is the experience that you will remember, how at first things took you time and back you will already feel experts in the caravan trip!

Question: Where can I park the caravans in the State of Israel?
Answer: There are more than 40 organized caravans in Israel from the north to the south. All information about these parking lots can be found on our website. These parking lots are equipped with the appropriate water and electricity infrastructure for the trailer and charge for parking. Search for caravans and recommended routes.
In addition, there is a system for booking caravans in the southern part of the Nature and Parks Authority, where you can order a parking lot at the click of a button. To view and order from the website of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority click here.

Question: Do you need a special license for towing a caravan or driving in a motorhome?
Answer: In a motorhome, anyone with a second driving license can drive. The car is a Fiat Ducato 2012, a 3,000 cc engine, a diesel engine to tow the caravans and only a towing hook in the car + an updated vehicle license and tow hook, in addition to the aforementioned weight conditions.

Question: Where are the caravans collected and where are they returned?
Answer: The Croats are collected and returned from the offices of Nofei Moledet, which are located on Kibbutz Sdot Yam Caesarea (Address: WAZE: Nofei Moledet, Caesarea Sea Center).
On the day of taking the trailer you arrive at the said hour, receive guidance from a company representative of about two hours on the operation of the trailer and set off.

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